Propolis is a mixture of resin, beeswax, essential oils, and pollen composition. Bee Propolis has ruthless beneficial effect to human body. It can enhance natural immunity, active cells, remove toxins, reduce inflammatory, and allergy symptoms. Protect liver, lower lipid blond sugar, help with anti-aging, inhibit tumor and etc.. Therefore, Propolis has the reputation of "health protection of God", to regulate physiological functions of the cardiovascular and nervous systems to improve the mobility and antioxidant quality of life. It confirmed there have been isolated more than 20 categories more 300 kinds of natural ingredients than 30 kinds of fatty acids and 20 amino acids, a dozen terpene compounds, zinc and other 30 kinds of minerals, vitamins P and other vitamins, enzymes and other active trypsin.


"Propolis" Magical effects


1. Propolis inhabits pathogenic microorganisms: the propolis killed bacteria, viruses, fungi infections caused by various diseases, such as: tuberculosis, gastritis, athlete's foot, skin diseases and other inflammatory.


2, Propolis comfort nervous system: propolis can treat insomnia, pain and a variety of diseases of the nervous system.


3. Propolis can promote tissue repair: Propolis can promote ulcer healing and shorten the healing period by 1/3 to 2/3 courses, especially for diabetic wound, mouth ulcers, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, bedsores and burns. A small amount of propolis can be prepared as a paste with honey to directly over the face, for the treatment of acne.


4. Propolis support cardiovascular system effects: Propolis can enhance myocardial contractility, dilation of blood vessels, reduce blood triglyceride, for the prevention and treatment of hypertension, and heart disease, atherosclerosis.


5. Propolis has hepatoprotective effect: Propolis can reduce proglumetacin aminotransferase, liver toxicity solution, and protect liver cells. Propolis has an excellent therapeutic effect on hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatitis C.


6. Propolis has anti-tumor effects: several species of propolis can directly inhibit, and kill cancer cells substances (PRCA), which make Propolis a ruthless good prevention and treatment for cancer and polyps. Japan Society for Research on Cancer, Tamagawa University found that continuous use of propolis three months to a year, many cancer cells can be fully deactivated.


7. Propolis reduces free radical: Free radicals are the enemy of health, there are 80 kinds of severe diseases associated with it. Propolis is a ruthless strong free radical scavenger.


8. Propolis has no side effects: not harmful for long-term use.